When I was a kid my dad loved to rent those cheesy B-movie action flicks. They often had terrible acting, bad special effects, and a plot that made no sense. The movies were often so bad that we often spent most of the time making fun of them. That’s Inversion, the B-movie of the gaming world.

The story of Inversion is bad and full of plot holes, cheesy dialog, crazy plot twists, and action movie clichés. You play the role of Davis Russell, a young Vanguard City cop. You along with your partner Leo Delgado are trying to find your daughter who is now missing, on her birthday of all days, after an unknown enemy invades Vanguard City.

Inversions graphics will remind you a lot of Gears of War… from a distance at least. Upon closer inspection you will notice the low-resolution textures and the constant reuse of the same textures over and over again through out the game. Nevertheless, it does look good from a distance at least.

There is hardly anything positive to say about the sound of Inversion. The musical score is nothing to write home about and didn’t add any depth to the game. Voice acting was overdone and very repetitive. The only encouraging item was the sound effects that were fairly well done.

Gameplay in Inversion is very similar to any 3rd person shooter with a unique gimmick to help it stand out from the pack. What’s the gimmick you ask? Well that would be gravity control. Now I know what you’re thinking, every terrestrial based game has gravity. But in Inversion gravity is all whacked out. There are areas you have to fight through that have no gravity. There are also times where gravity gets turned around and you will find yourself walking down a skyscraper battling the enemy. And not to mention that you can use your gravlink to create a high or low gravity field (ala Half-Life 2 gravity gun) and pick up or crush your enemies with it. While that all sounds great, the problem is the game just doesn’t use it to its full potential. The areas where you walk down buildings, or your fighting on the ceiling instead of the floor are far and few between. The gameplay also gets very repetitive and frustrating towards the end of the single player campaign as the game constantly recycles the same bosses over and over and over. Not to mention that your partner in the game seems to forget how to stay in cover and is constantly calling out for healing.

Once you’ve beaten or just gave up on the single player campaign you may want to hop on over to multiplayer. You can play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of Gravity, or Co-op mode. King of Gravity, the only unique multiplayer mode Inversion offers, gives one person gravity based powers while the rest try to kill him to get said powers. It’s a great concept at least, in practice it’s incredibly unbalanced and I never once was killed while I had the power. Co-op mode is ok if you and a friend happened to rent or buy the game, but it adds no new features to the game nor does it change the story any.

Overall Inversion adds nothing new to the 3rd Person Shooter genre. It’s a lackluster game that had great potential but fell way short of the mark. If you’re really bored maybe rent it if you want, but otherwise steer clear.

Inversion Review
It's nothing new, and its a bit light on content, its worth free download if it comes to Xbox Gold or if the game is in the bargain bin.
Presentation / Story / Concept
Graphics / Visuals
Sound / Music / Audio Effects
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2.5Bargain Bin
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