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There comes a time when everybody could stand to blow off some steam, and what better way to do that than take over a world? If you’ve got a destructive streak in you, then the upcoming Rack N Ruin is for you. It’s time to let out your inner demon minion and show off some power!

Rack N Ruin will start you off in a time where demons take control of planets, forcefully attacking until they’re the ones in charge. You’ll play as main character Rack, a sort of wild-child in his own way, who is always on the look out for something to destroy. Rack is good at what he does, so good that his destructive history actually has him in trouble with his master. Instead of leaving an enslaved planet for the demons to rule over, Rack just destroys everything! He has been given one last chance to do his job the correct way, but will he follow through with his orders? It’s up to you to decide.


There are lots of noteworthy things to mention about Rack N Ruin, even from the very beginning of the game. Naturally, one of the first areas of notice will be the game’s graphics. The environment isn’t photorealistic, following more of a cartoon look instead, though there’s a special whimsy that comes along with the world you’re in. The backgrounds are beautiful, and they are actually hand painted, adding some great depth when coupled with the game’s traditionally animated characters. There is a lot of attention to detail noticeable as you play through the game. For example, you can walk under tree branches, but the tree trunks themselves will block your movement. That probably seems small, but it’s a bit more realistic to walk under the branches rather than having them block your path like some other top down games!

Rack N Ruin wastes no time getting you in to the game. At the beginning, there is no constantly interrupting interface to teach you how to use the controls, no nagging NPC that forces you to perform simple tasks before allowing you to move ahead. Instead, controls were etched into the ground, staying short, sweet, and to the point. Players can get all of the basic information they need right off the bat, and can go on to experiment for the rest. Not having a tutorial may seem scary for some players, but the controls are easy enough to figure out that an extended learn-to-play scenario is unnecessary. If you don’t know something, you’re just a few clicks away from figuring it out.

Though playing on a computer, instructions for a handheld controller were also given. It would be interesting to see the difference between the two options. For example, when shooting with the mouse, you’ll just point to the area you want to attack. Using the analog stick on a handheld controller would probably be a bit different, though surely both options will have pros and cons. Players will have the option to use either method, though, which is a great feature to include.


The gameplay itself will have you doing a lot of attacking and a lot of solving puzzles. Let’s focus on the attacks, first. As previously stated, you’ll be able to attack by clicking your target with the mouse. There are a few different attacks to use. First, you’ve got a melee move for some close range combat. A fireball attack can also help you to reach enemies that are farther away. There’s also a sort of energy ball attack which seems to get weaker the more you use it, though it charges back up after a bit. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be sure to do damage with some neat animations that fit the devilish theme. Having these options gives players room for different strategies as they go about destroying a world, though some opponents can only be defeated with certain moves. You’ll have to be familiar with what you’re capable of doing!

Whether you’re fighting bosses or just some of the “smaller” monsters that roam around, knowing how to attack is extremely important! Not only will you need to know which attack method to use, but you’ll also have to get a knack for positioning yourself. Players will have to balance their firepower with evading enemies. When you attack them, they’re going to attack you, too, so good positioning is essential for you to avoid getting hit while still doing damage. If you can get a handle on when you’re safe enough to attack and avoid getting cornered by any foes, you’ll stand a much better chance of making progress! You won’t want to run around mindlessly.

If you’re looking for a way to amp up your destructive power, you’ll be happy to hear that different items and abilities can be upgraded to pack more of a punch. This will definitely come in handy because, while the game looks a bit carefree, it’s actually really challenging! Tasks are straightforward enough to get the hand of, but some feats will require more prowess. Either way, there’s a great balance in the game’s difficulty. Things can be hard, but they aren’t so hard that they’re impossible! If you’re having a super tough time, try upgrading a bit to give yourself a better advantage.


Rack N Ruin also features a bunch of different puzzles. You’ll need to combine your wit and skills in order to solve them! A favorite puzzle so far involved the use of some neat electrical devices. Some rooms had electrical currents, and you had to figure out how to close the circuits to charge everything up and move forward. It was fun figuring out how to do this, but also a big surprise when some enemies came to life after solving the puzzle. Looks like the world you’re on has some good defense!

Overall, Rack N Ruin seems like it’s going to be a fun game for players of all ages. There were challenges difficult enough for adults, but controls easy enough for even kids to figure out. The game isn’t scary even though it’s about a tiny demon taking control over a world! The cartoon style, upbeat music, and gorgeous environment help to keep away anything truly scary, so the game is probably friendly for a young audience (as long as their parents are okay with them bringing about destruction, of course).

Rack N Ruin is being made by LifeSpark Entertainment LLC and will be coming out for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

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