Wii U Suppliers Sold Out

Players who haven’t pre-ordered the Wii U will find that distributers like Wal-Mart, Gamestop, Best Buy, and Toys”R”Us have sold out of the console. The Wii U is set to release on 11/18 of this year, and this lack of availability has a lot of anxious gamers scrambling to find a console for the upcoming holiday season. Messages from the online merchant’s websites have encouraged buyers to check back often in the event more consoles become available. Furthermore, walk-in purchases may be available on the consoles’ release date, so check your local store(s) that carry game consoles, and if any are available snag it/them up quickly. Do not forget to be civil in the matter!


Brandon Filler

Brandon is the black sheep of the POCG editors being born out west in San Diego. He is often referred to as a Yankee by his southern rivals. There is no preference to the types of games he likes to play, although if he did have to lean in a certain direction, it would be towards RPG’s.

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