Indie game developer and publisher FIGHT4DREAM is proud to announce that up-and-coming VR Monster Awakens has officially launched on Early Access via STEAM™, and is exclusively available for the HTC-VIVE. In the mortal world of Simplicity, you play a slumbering monster accidentally awoken by a submarine in an oceanic trench. Irritable and enraged by lack of rest you decide to unleash chaos and destruction to those who disturbed your sleep.


  • Modern City: Human city with buildings, vehicles and frightened citizens are waiting for you! Destroy and EAT THE CITIZENS for your own good! Follow their screams!
  • Active VR Combat: Utilize your body to dodge attack, hit, catch and even throw objects while moving around with hand movements. You are a real monster!
  • Power Release: As a giant monster, BEAM SHOOTING is indispensable! Feel your true power running through your mouth!
  • Various of Enemies: Human armies include soldiers, rocket artillery, armored personal carriers, tanks, armed helicopter and much more. Show no mercy!
  • Threatening BOSS: Fight against the human latest technology in the final stage of arcade mode mission. Destroy their last hope!
  • Great Party: 3 different party mode games provided and challenge your friends to see who can earn a higher score!
  • Free-Style Mode: No pressure at all and just enjoy destroying everything!

Let the mayhem begin by downloading VR Monsters Awakens today on STEAM:

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