Three New Behind The Scenes Videos for The Evil Within

Bethesda & Tango Gameworks have released three new behind the scenes videos for The Evil Within. All three videos feature Adam Sessler as he sits down with various members of the development team to talk about various features of the game.

In the first video, The Evil Within – “Inspirations: The Origins of Evil”, Adam Sessler speaks with Shinji Mikami on his inspirations from horror films and the genre in general in our behind-the-scenes feature “Inspirations: The Origins of Evil”.


In The Evil Within – “Audio Design: The Sounds of Evil”, Adam Sessler sits down with sound designers, Shuichi Kobori, and Ippei Shiraki in our new Bethesda Behind the Scenes feature, “Audio Design: The Sounds of Evil”. Find out how the eerie music and sounds come together to immerse the player into Sebastian’s world.


And finally in The Evil Within – “Visual Design: The Aesthetics of Evil”, Adam Sessler chats with Art Director, Naoki Katakai about the appearance of the enemies and world of The Evil Within in a new Bethesda Behind the Scenes, “Visual Design: The Aesthetics of Evil”. Find out what inspired Naoki in creating the gruesome looks of the enemies, and unnerving atmosphere of the environments.


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