Dear Steven Moffat: The Power of Three

Dear Steven,

Concerning The Power of Three.

Dave: Life with the doctor is INTENSE! …I wish I had a doctor life.



Bea: We could totally be companions.



Dave: The Doctor is coming to stay! Sweet! And Brian is BACK!



Bea: Cubes…so many cubes…STEVEN, WHAT ARE THE CUBES??



Dave: Deadly Hard Drives! Indeed, Brian!



Dave: I think the Doctor likes rory’s boxers…


Bea: You never know…after that one kiss…Steven, are you gearing up for a girl as the Doctor?



Dave: These cubes feel very Apple. iCube. Steve Jobs is behind this!


Bea: Funny how a little black box can be so fascinating…or is supposed to be…or may be…



Dave: I really like this episode. The invasion is really interesting and the Pond life dynamic challenges. And the Doctor’s fussing! Feels good Steven!



Bea: I’m having a hard time believing that Amy and Rory are considering giving him up. It’s not just about the adventures. It’s a completely different kind of relationship than the other companions have had with the Doctor. He’s their son-in-law, after all.



Dave: Hehe. Brian’s log.



Bea: This is obviously where Rory gets his faithfulness 🙂



Dave: AHHHahhh!!! CUBE FACES!!! EEEEEkk!



Bea: Are you my mummy?



Dave: Hahaha… The doctor tries to celebrate the Pond’s wedding anniversary.



Bea: That is a GIANT bunch of flowers…does Amy even like flowers? Unless they’re for Rory…I bet Rory likes flowers. But 7 weeks of celebrating time travel…that’s for Amy.



Bea: Whoah! The cube moves!






Bea: The Doctor is what??






Bea: Why yes, yes he is. Playing tennis, apparently.



Dave: I like that all the cubes do independently different things.



Bea: I wonder if it’s specialized based on who they are near…or if they have like personalities…



Dave: Polka!!!! BAHHAHAHA



Bea: Oh the chicken dance. That’s gonna be stuck in my head.



Dave: Brian is always into whatever he’s doing. I love it.



Bea: I love Brian. He may be my favorite character now.



Dave: Oh no… Not BRIAN!



Bea: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jinxed him!



Dave: I love how confidently Rory just walks through the wall… It’s like… “Yup… Just another day. Gotta walk through this portal in a lift and go get Dad.”



Bea: How convenient that the Doctor has two hearts.



Dave: “How do you people manage one heart???!!!”






Dave: The Doctor loves kissing his Ponds! =]



Bea: Well, his Daddy-in-law just kissed him. It’s very special 😀



Dave: AAAAHHHH!!! Its the Emperor!!!



Bea: Or Anakin without the Darth mask.



Dave: HAHAHA Brian’s wake-up face!!!! STEVEN! Brian and Wilfred PLEASE!!!!



Bea: PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE STEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dave: ELIMINATED. Just your basic alien elimination plot. =]



Bea: If there really is life on other planets, I wonder if their stories involve people from other planets (such as Earth) coming to eliminate them.



Dave: This feels like a Doctor Who “Worlds in Time” mini game!



Bea: Run! But…ummm…are they really leaving those people behind? Did they not just need waking up? Or are they dead? Did they check?



Bea: JOIN THEM, BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Bea: Hehe…math humour. Love it.



Dave: Brilliant episode Steven! It has a ton of heart. I really loved it. But I’m still mad at you about Tricey! Humphf!!!!!



Bea: I enjoyed the combination of classic and modern Who elements. The portal in the lift, the speech about the greatness of humanity, the alien species wanting to eliminate mankind for apparently little reason…all a throwback to the old Doctor days, but the cubes, the energy, the pacing were all very much in line with where the Doctor is now. I do think that there were some key plot points that were a little bit lacking. I mean, that little girl was super easy to shut down. What did she even do? Decide who the cube faces were stealing? Did no one at the hospital notice that she was pretty much always in the same place? She was a little girl…with no parents around…no one asked her why she was there? And the cube faces…did they get blown up too? What about all the other portals on the earth…did they also have cube faces working with them? And if the emperor guy was just a hologram, where is the real one? Are they going to go after him? Is he just supposed to give up? It seemed a little too easy to defeat them. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the episode, it was fun, but I’m kind of hoping that this will continue throughout the series. There are too many questions that just don’t have answers



Dave: So if the next episode is supposed to be the last one for the Ponds. I wonder if the Ponds are going to be sent back in time by the Angels? And Brian has to wait for their return? I could see a ton of stuff happening with that. But… Steven you better not kill them off. I mean how would the Doctor handle losing more than just a companion but a family?



Bea: Well apparently he handles it by finding a Dalek girl 😀



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