Fans of Sid Meier’s Civilization®: Beyond Earth rejoice, 2K and Firaxis Games have announced, Rising Tide, the first expansion pack for the game will be coming this fall. The expansion adds a host of new features, the biggest of which is the ability to build floating settlements and harvest natural resources under the sea. Other new features include:

  • Shaping the diplomatic landscape by upgrading traits, changing diplomatic relationships, and leveraging the benefits of your allies, all with political capital;
  • Unlocking a dynamic set of Diplomatic Traits while activating different combinations in response to the changing world;
  • Playing as one of four new factions, including the Al Falah, a group of nomad explorers descended from wealthy and resilient Middle Eastern states;
  • Investing in multiple Affinities to unlock hybrid Affinity units and upgrades for the first time;
  • Collecting and combining alien relics via a new Artifact System that unlocks powerful benefits;
  • Exploring one of two new biomes, Primordial world, an untamed biome rife with volcanic activity and indicative of a chaotic landscape still forming in the new world.

While no firm release date is set, Rising Tide will be available sometime this fall for $29.99.

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