NiGHTS into dreams…returns plus screenshots and a trailer

Sixteen years ago I became extremely addicted to a new game on the Sega Saturn. I didn’t even own a Sega Saturn at that time, but my cousin did and I ended up staying at his house for three weeks because of that game. That game was NGHTS into dreams… Now SEGA has announced that a HD remake of NiGHTS is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade, PSN, and Windows PC later this fall. This new version of the game includes improved HD graphics, a 16:9 aspect ratio, leaderboards, trophies, and achievements. Plus you will be able to play the game in the optional Saturn Mode to see how the game originally look, if you want to that is.

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“The SEGA Saturn offered many unique gaming experiences, and NiGHTS into dreams…stands out as one of the most recognizable titles that found a home on the system,” said Chris Olson, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. “We’ve gotten a lot of requests about this game over the years, and are very happy to be able to give both former Saturn owners and new players a chance to play it in its most beautiful form to date this fall.”

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