Nickelodeon’s Monkey Quest MMO Reaches Landmark

Nickelodeon‘s Monkey Quest, the action-packed massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), now ranks as the fastest-growing virtual world for kids* in its first year live, amassing 10 million registered users since its April 2011 launch. To celebrate this milestone, Monkey Quest players around the world will be gifted limited-edition battle gear through the end of the month.  Players enter the world of Monkey Quest by creating a monkey warrior and gear up for battle as they embark on an epic adventure, fighting evil monsters bent on stopping them from completing quests, joining tribes, and ultimately unlocking the secrets of the legendary Monkey King.

The MMO recently added a new selection of powerful battle weapons and gear for players to use in combat against the menacing evil forces and deadly monsters.  Throughout the month, every player will receive a free exclusive “Grenade of Doom” pack to help blast enemies to smithereens upon sign-in to the website. This summer, the action intensifies as Monkey Questintroduces companion battle pets, magical creatures that give players special abilities.  Each month, there will be new quests, monsters and challenges awaiting players in their epic battle to save Ook.

Monkey Quest received the mobile treatment last year with the release of Monkey Quest: Thunderbow; and Nickelodeonunveiled a new update and lite version of the mobile app this month. The upgraded premium version of the mobile app, titledMonkey Quest: Thunderbow Extreme, features three new ways to play with the same over the top destruction and explosive weapon upgrades; 30 new levels, totaling 85 in all; over 60 game center achievements; new bonus items and prizes that are playable in the MMO; and more zombies, mummies, and skeletons to defeat.

Additionally, the lite version of the app, Monkey Quest: Thunderbow Free, rewards players with the “Golden Jackal Staff” weapon to help them in their conquests. While enjoying five new bonus levels exclusive to the lite app, players will be able to preview five levels from the premium version.

Avid players can import their personalized MMO character in to the mobile app and unlock exclusive weapons and gear to use on  An extension of the MMOMonkey Quest: Thunderbow Extreme is a mobile app designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad available in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia. A one-of-a-kind action arcade style game, the app invites players to take on the role of Thunderbow, a monkey on a mission to dethrone an unscrupulous cat ruler known as Zotan.

Based on an original property and rated E for everyone, Monkey Quest is free to play with the option to enhance the game experience, including access to advanced trails, quests, abilities and other exclusive items via membership, or through individual item sales. This payment model provides maximum flexibility for parents who can choose a subscription plan or a “pay as you go” option by purchasing NickCash, Nickelodeon’s virtual currency.

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