Outta Time Units – June 2012

Hello my name is Dave Wright, known to some as Magic Dave. I’m going to be taking some time at the end of the each month to share some of the many geek-related thoughts that run through my mind throughout the month.

Something I’ve been think about recently is the next generation. While I’m not a father yet I am involved in the lives of several young people and I’m always trying to find new ways to interact with them. Normally this looks like hosting a LAN party or working a production gig and recruiting some young people for tech labor. I always enjoy passing on knowledge and really enjoy seeing the light bulb click for a young person when they finally grasp how to handle a technical concept. A lot of people would say this generation is nothing but lazy and will never accomplish anything. I whole heartedly disagree with that. The generation of our father’s father of the 1940 projects an image of man who will roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get anything done. Many would say we’ve lost this “American” spirit and we’ve become a culture of consumerism and instant access. And with that I do agree, its terrifying to look around and seeing it happening before your eyes. Our kids are connected to their smart phones and social media like never before. And the result of that is making for a lazy generation. I know I’m making some pretty broad generalizations here, but I think you get my point.

So back to this generation… I don’t know what the name is supposed to be, but I’d like to say that we’re starting to see a new generation arise. A Geek Generation that is embracing that older mindset from the 1940s of get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes to get it done. Don’t see it yet? How about this… How many of you have broken your iPhone screen. Some of you probably went straight to the apple store and got it fixed… But there was some of you that had a thought. Okay… what does it take to fix this? And where did you go? Google. You googled searched and researched the parts and the knowledge how to fix your phone. And while I will say that the percentage of the population that will consider this latter solution is still quite small. I think it’s growing. It’s an old American way of life, of making things last and doing what it takes to do it right. While back in the mid to late 1800s the Western Expansion of America encouraged and spurred on the American spirit and individualism. And now with the advent of the internet. That expansion of Freedom has been realized once again.

So, we could choose to look at this generation with scorn for its involvement in the internet and social media revolution. But it’s just that. A Revolution, and sometimes I think we forget were living it. And its messy right now, no one really knows where we’ll all end up with all this technology yet. History will look back on this era as the dawn of Social Media and maybe even Globalization. And what will history say about this generation to come? I hope history would speak to their innovative ambition to embrace what they are and embrace the knowledge that’s been laid out before them. Are there plenty of things wrong with this generation? Sure. Will they be lazy and become the ultimate consumers? Maybe. But not if we embrace them for who they are and push them toward their potential to be the world changers they could be.

Anyways… Just a thought.

and it seems I’m out of time units for this month!


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Dave Wright

Otherwise known as Magic Dave. Dave was a contributing editor for the original POCG (Playing Out of Control Gaming) back in that day. Dave's been a avid PC Gamer for about as long as PC's were around. Starting with playing frogger on a PCjr, to saving the world in XCOM on a PS/1 486 Consultant, to navigating a 56k modem to destroy n00bs in Quake. Dave is still an active member of clan POC, a Quake II lithium clan that still plays every Tuesday. Rumor has it, Dave filmed a short mockumentary about XCOM back in 2004, the internets still struggle for confirmation.

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