First Look: Guns of Icarus Online Preview

There is something about airships that makes a person giddy. As a player, I have had the opportunity to build a few and simulate some airship combat on the Minecraft server I play on. So when Muse Games PR guy, Joseph Lieberman, contacted about checking out their upcoming PVP airship game, Guns of Icarus Online, I happily agreed to preview it with them.

You Want Me To Do What?

The first thing that became immediately clear while playing through the game with Joseph and Muse Games CEO Howard Tsao, the player better have a good Captain. On the other hand, if the player decides to be the Captain, he or she needs a good crew. Crews are made up of three character classes in the game: Captain, Engineer, and Gunner.

Captain: Out of the three classes, the Captain was the most challenging  class to play effectively. As the captain it’s the player’s job to spot the enemies and get the ship within attack range. Furthermore,  the captain has to keep the ship positioned so as many guns as possible can engage the enemy. The Captain must be aware of his or her surroundings because  running into mountains will result in the loss of all hands aboard the ship. Joseph found this out the hard way during the beta test.

Engineer: While the Captains job may be the hardest, the engineer’s is the most hectic. Engineers spend their time constantly putting out fires and repairing the ship. With a bad engineer you will not win a lot of battles, so having an effective one makes all the difference in the world.

Gunner: The majority of the beta, and throughout the walk-through I played the role of the gunner. It is the easiest class to get started with, but make no mistake; it is definitely one of most important. It is essential to know which gun to man, what ammo type to load, and which part of the ship to shoot. This understanding can be the difference between taking out an enemy ship or being scrap metal scattered on the ground below.

The Thick of It

Gameplay in Guns of Icarus Online is fast and furious, no matter what class a player chooses. Team members will find themselves with something to do nearly every moment of the fight. In our walk-through I was constantly being directed by our captain, Joseph, to different gun emplacements around the ship to attack the enemy with. When we weren’t in range of enemy ships, or they were hiding in the clouds (or we were), it was time to help the engineer with ship repairs. There is never a dull moment in Guns of Icarus Online.

The Beauty of It All

Guns of Icarus is still in beta and there are a number of animations and character skins that have yet to be implemented. However, even with the missing graphics the game is beautiful. Everything from the mountain peaks jutting through the clouds, to the massive explosions on enemy vessels being ripped apart by incendiary rounds, the game has some stunning graphics.

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 The Future is Bright

Guns of Icarus Online is an amazing game. It’s quick, fun, and unlike any other game I have ever played. While only the PVP skirmish mode is available now, Muse Games hopes that if the game sells well enough that an adventure mode will be added. Right now they are hoping for an August launch, but if players pre-order now they  can get 25% of the games release price. Check out Guns of Icarus at

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