Guns of Icarus Online Selling In-game Items for Sandy Relief

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, several organizations have stepped up to provide both man-power and financial relief. Muse Games (, which is based in New York City, has chosen to use their game Guns of Icarus Online ( to help assist in the relief effort. Muse will offer a pair of special in-game items for purchase, they will donate 100% of the proceeds to NY Cares, a charity and volunteer organization serving the NYC area, for Sandy relief.

“We have a responsibility to do all we can,” says CEO Howard Tsao. “We quickly realized the best way we can mobilize people to help is through our game.  Right now, especially with the snowstorm that just hit the Northeast again, people are still without power and in need of basic things such as blankets and baby supplies in addition to food and water. With the items we create, we hope they can make a difference for those who really need help.”

Players can view the special items at , and more information about NY Cares at Guns of Icarus Online can be found on Steam at


Brandon Filler

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