First Look: The Secret World – Character Creation & Societies

Do you question the status quo? Do you see patterns where no one else does? Do things that go bump in the night excite you? If you answered those questions with a yes, then The Secret World may be the game for you.

The Secret World is unlike any other MMORPG on the market, imagine a world where “Every Thing Is True.” Magic, myths, conspiracies and dark horrors all exist (except UFO’s & sci-fi elements apparently). A world where the elements from the literary works of Stephen King & HP Lovecraft are true. And the events on television series like Fringe or the X-Files become reality. A place where secret societies of supernatural heroes and corporate organizations fight a secret war against the dark each other, a war that’s quickly merging with the regular world.

Picking a Society

In The Secret World it’s all about your society and the big picture, you’re not the lone hero in the world; you are part of a society, fighting for the future of mankind. There are three societies in TSW, the Illuminati, Templars, and Dragons. Since the beta is limited to the Templar society, we will cover the experience of a player picking that society. Now these Templars are not your Knights Templar of historical account, they are an older society, having their origins in ancient Babylon. They are righteous, well known, and value tradition and honor. However, they are not affiliated with any religious order. They don’t just participate in the war against evil, they are the war against evil. The Templars are the least secretive of the societies. Templar leaders often joke that they can be found in the yellow pages under Crusaders.

After picking your society its time for Character Creation.

Character Creation

The first hands on experience in almost every MMORPG is the creation of your character. This is where you get to create your virtual self, the hero or scoundrel you always imagined yourself to be. In some games character creation can take hours with virtually every aspect of the character customizable. That is not the case in The Secret World, with only a few mundane choices to make in the creation process; character creation is very quick, but very unfulfilling. Don’t worry about overtly beautiful characters here. When creating my character it felt like I was trying to find the least ugly combination possible. In the end my character came out looking like a confused and bewildered ship captain, not at all like the character I wanted to create in my mind. As sad as my character looked, when playing the game I was continually running into other characters that looked exactly the same as I did, right down to the clothes I was wearing. The good news is I am told that by the release of the game there should be more options for customizing characters to make them more distinguishable.

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