Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse’ Characters Gain New Abilities

Activision has released details about new abilities available to the characters  in their upcoming “Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse” video game. In addition to the new abilities, players will be able to purchase a unique, albeit undisclosed at this time,  item.  The game ties into the humor that is preeminent in the TV series.   It is this humor that correlates to the unique abilities and weapons that will be seen throughout the campaign and multi-player modes of the game.


Some of the newly announced abilities for the Back to the Multiverse character crew are (verbatim):

  • With his shameless personality, Peter farts to stun his enemies into a daze.
  • Gamers will say “giggity” with Quagmire’s “Shield of Love.”
  • Meg Griffin takes special abilities to a new level when she flashes enemies with her innie and outie.
  • As an added bonus available for purchase, Stewie’s best-friend and personal confidant, Rupert the teddy-bear, is now a destructive Rupert Turret that blasts enemies away.

For more information on the game you can visit :


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