Dungeons and Dragons Next Playtest

Individuals who prefer the pen and paper method of gaming might want to take a look at Wizards of the Coast’s “Next Playtest.” This playtest is for their up and coming version of Dungeons and Dragons. The playtest is available on the Wizards website at After accepting Wizards terms and conditions players are allowed to download a packet that gives them the following items to preview and test:

•             Levels 1 – 10 for the cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard classes.

•             Isle of Dread, an adventure for characters levels 3 – 7.

•             Specialties for characters levels 1 – 10.

•             Backgrounds, including a revised skill list.

•             How to Play, with new rules for critical hits, concentration, two-weapon fighting, and contests.

•             Bestiary with monsters levels 1 – 10.

•             DM Guidelines with new XP values incorporated.

•             Spells for characters level 1 – 10.

•             Maneuvers for both the fighter and rogue.


So, if hand-held controllers do not appeal to you as much as eraser shavings, and you think a fresh new version of Dungeons and Dragons might be something that the pen and paper community needs; then check out Wizards next playtest and help decide the future this new version of the game has.



Brandon Filler

Brandon is the black sheep of the POCG editors being born out west in San Diego. He is often referred to as a Yankee by his southern rivals. There is no preference to the types of games he likes to play, although if he did have to lean in a certain direction, it would be towards RPG’s.

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