Dear Steven Moffat: Dinosaurs on a Space Ship

Dear Steven,

Concerning Dinosaurs on a Space Ship

(BEA) I don’t think I was expecting the opening of an episode about dinosaurs to have an Egyptian queen, especially one who would be so flirtatious with the Doctor…


(DAVE) Steven… of all the sexual innuendoes you’ve put into the show… a honk really? Well actually it was brilliant. I loved it. Apparently Neffie did too! NEFFIE!!!! He calls her Neffie!!! Wait… isn’t the Doctor married??? What about RIVER????!!!


(BEA) No kidding!! Did he not just get married? Or…because they fixed time, did that not happen and they aren’t married? Actually, no, I refuse to believe that…so…did he not just get married? Where is RIVER??

(BEA) AND a shout out to Harry Potter fans! Hello, Mr. Weasley!



(DAVE) “Thank you Brian” The banter, with ole’ Brian… Brilliant. Steven this episode feels so right already!!!


(BEA) Seriously, the last several episodes have been so…dark…so…heavy. It’s refreshing to have an episode full of British humour…which…being British…to you is probably just humour.


(DAVE) YES TO GANGS. Fist pump. Gangs are cool!



(BEA) To any children reading this, the only type of gangs that are cool are the Doctor’s. Please don’t use this episode as an excuse to be in a street gang. But why isn’t River in the gang? *pouts*


(BEA) Even though I saw the preview for this episode about a million times and the internets are littered with the memes, there is a certain amount of…undefinable joy, a thrill of anticipation that goes through me every time I watch the Doctor say it. “Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!” Not gonna lie, I may have squealed like a tiny child. 😀

(DAVE) The “Run.” Its so perfect. Cause the Doctor is so excited!!! And he really doesn’t want to run cause he just wants to play with the Dinosaurs. +1 to inner child. High-five Steven.


(BEA) Hey…isn’t that…the same beach…Bad Wolf Bay…?



(DAVE) TONGUE!!! Bahahahahaha!!! I love a rock!!!


(BEA) What sort of man doesn’t carry a trowel? Indeed, Brian. You ask a good question. (Notice that if you take away the “r” the word would be “towel”…coincidence?)


(DAVE) CHRISTMAS LIST!!!! YES!!!! Steven I don’t think I’ve laughed this much at a Doctor Episode this quickly. The pacing is fantastic!


(BEA) Fantastic, indeed! This may be the funniest episode of Doctor Who I’ve ever seen!


(DAVE) Sleeping T-Rex… Baby even… That’s a first Steven… Love it. Also its nice to have Bad Ass Amy back and no more Pouty Amy!


(BEA) Thank God! I don’t know how long I could have tolerated her that way. But Rory is still hipster.


(DAVE) Teleports burned out on arrival? REALLY Steven? write yourself into a corner there?



(BEA) Ummmm…but don’t they keep using them in the episode? Or was the Doctor saying that because of Rule #1?

(DAVE) Cross Robots!!!! BAHHHH!!! Love it.



(BEA) Bit of Hitchhiker fan, are we Steven?



(DAVE) Piff, of course you are.



(BEA) Love the back and forth between Neffie, Riddell, and Amy. Great combination of personalities. And I love how Amy is taking the lead.


(DAVE) Amy is totally geeking out.



(BEA) And SO proud of herself.



(DAVE) The Robots look fantastic by the way… Its actually hard to tell if their suits or CG!


(BEA) You know what else looks fantastic? THE DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(DAVE) Triceratops!!!! YAY!!!



(BEA) Hehe. He calls her Tricey 😀 LOVE it!



(DAVE) Solomon is mean. But… apparently that wasn’t that much of a threatening injury.



(BEA) Well…it was necessary to give Rory a chance to prove himself to his Dad.



(DAVE) Nursing Skillz!!!



(DAVE) Nice to see the Doctor living up to his name. =]



(BEA) All those times that he said he was a real Doctor…apparently he is.



(DAVE) DOCTOR ON A DINOSAUR!!!! Steven are you in the business of making Memes now????


(BEA) SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to ride one!!!! FETCH!



(DAVE) YAY for bickering robots!!!



(BEA) You know, Steven, I was wondering how you were going to justify dinosaurs on a spaceship. Not that I really needed justification…because…well…dinosaurs (!) but still, I appreciate that there was a sensible explanation. Tying in the Silurians was a great touch, especially to give Amy a chance to show off a bit. Well done.

(DAVE) Guns + Amy, the Queen of Rory = Bad Ass Amy



(BEA) Bad Ass Amy > the worth of two men



(DAVE) KISS ALL THE PONDS!!! Rory… he isn’t all that disturbed… I mean he was just kissed by his Son in Law. Ummmm…


(BEA) I don’t know…pause on Rory’s face…he looks pretty disturbed to me. But he didn’t kiss Brian…


(DAVE) Its interesting Solomon didn’t find the Tardis more interesting than Neffie.



(BEA) Well, I’m guessing that’s linked to the fact that the Doctor kind of doesn’t exist anymore. The Tardis is much synonomous with the Doctor in most people’s minds, so if the Doctor is no longer on record, the Tardis is no longer on record. Either that or the perception filter kept the scanners from recognizing that it was there.

(DAVE) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! SOLOMON!!! NOT TRICEY!!!! NOOOOOO… STEVEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SOUL!!! Remember that +1 to inner child high five I gave you a while back Steven? Well… now my inner child is dead on the floor… Thanks Steven…

(BEA) *Sniff, sniff* But, but…Steven…



(DAVE) Ahhh the Doctor always has a plan even when he hasn’t thought about it yet.



(DAVE) John and Amy with Guns? Raptors? No “Clever Girl” reference? =]



(DAVE) And Rory Pond is a Genius and the Doctor is hilarious.



(BEA) I love that Rory and Brian get a chance to do something important. Something that no one else on that ship could have done. While Rory has had his share of shining moments, he’s always kind of in Amy’s shadow. And she is back in full force in this episode, but he is flying the space ship…with his Dad. It’s really perfect. Another great way he gets to show his Dad that he is competent and valuable.

(DAVE) Multitasking Doctor, Sonic Screwdriver, Tender moments with Amy and kisses on the forehead… Classic Doctor Who.

(BEA) Ummmm…foreshadowing in that conversation, anyone?






(BEA) And that’s how she got to be Queen.



(DAVE) Wow… Doctor delivering justice. And no companion to stop him. But if you kill a Triceratops… well I guess you’re history. No Really… (hehehhehe)


(BEA) Steven. What just happened? I am shocked. I honestly did not think that that would happen. Did he really just kill Solomon? I mean…I understand the justice of it. Solomon massacred the Silurians, killed a dinosaur, treated Neffie like an object. He is pretty obviously an evil man…but that just…it goes against so much of what we have come to expect from the Doctor. He even says earlier in the episode that he doesn’t respond to violence. It’s an interesting choice, Steven. And I don’t know that it was wrong. But I am shocked. I think it would have been much more fitting if Solomon had been accidentally eaten or trampled by the dinosaurs.

(DAVE) Brian, the best favor ever… sitting the Tardis, having a bite and looking below.





(DAVE) And the Doctor knows their leaving…



(BEA) Yeah…look at the face.



(DAVE) Neffie and John???? That wouldn’t affect history… NAAAAA…



(BEA) I have a feeling Neffie will get tired of John eventually and they’ll take her back.



(DAVE) Postcards from Brian!!! hahahah! I love it!



(BEA) I love Brian. It’s great when you bring in an older character. The wonder and the excitement in the aged is…beautiful…to see Brian filled with energy and passion. Brian and Wilfred should totally be the next companions. Forget Jenna. Let’s have the old men!


(DAVE) Steven, even though you ripped out my heart AGAIN. I love you. This was probably one of the best stand alone Doctor Who episodes I’ve ever seen. Its really fantastic, its got everything that makes Doctor Who… Well… Who. =]


(BEA) Agreed. This episode was completely brilliant. Thank you, Steven.



Dave & Bea

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