Dear Steven Moffat: The Angels Take Manhattan

Dave & Bea are in a long distance relationship, yet they maintain their love for Doctor Who by streaming it online and chatting on Facebook. These are their chat logs as they watch each new episode together.


Dear Steven,
Concerning The Angels Take Manhattan…

 Whelp… Here we go…this is it. Bea I don’t if know if I’m ready…

 Who could be?

 Oh Bother…All the statues…

 Steven…do you have Mummy issues?

Now Steven… thats not ominous at all… wait…you wouldn’t, would you? yeeeaahhh… you would.




 Bea, can we have some for our Garden???

 That’s not funny.

 Oh Steven… you did… you really did…

 I’ll never be able to look at her the same.

 asough oaiurghaipw 0aureghp FIUH!IU HRpfiuWEHfgp 4whqUKHEPUI!H#PIUE RHfpuihwp ugh34q0-78ty4 2789h0u8g)@*&YR_ &#Yrg08H1u – 8y3 0974g0hr 204ugrt08732gt4!!# @r3y 207y407ty -!!_!1!!

 (Dear Steven is experiencing Technical Difficulties)

 I’m enjoying the different color themes for each episode in Season 7

 It’s getting soooo dark!! Metaphor much, Steven?

 The Doctor with Brainy Specs!

 The Doctor with Hipster Specs!

 RIVER! Melody Malone!

 I KNEW it was River. The Doctor NEVER talks about anyone like that. Except maybe Sexy.


 Steven I swear you do these things on purpose.

 Weeping angels…laughing cherubs…Why Steven? WHY???????????

 ABSOLUTELY Terrifying…

 Hehe… Final checks…

 SO cute. Sometimes it seems like the Doctor isn’t as in love with River as she is him…little things like that give him away. Perfect.

 Written in a book? Honestly steven I can’t keep up with all these “Time Laws” How about we just go “Timey Wimey” and break the angel with the Sonic?

 Chapter Titles!

 Okay… I can live with that.

 I have never seen the Doctor so…heartfelt angry. I mean, we’ve seen him furious…but it’s never been so…heart-breaking.

 Wow I knew River was tough… But thats crazy… But this scene confuses me a bit. Because I didn’t know the Doctor was dealing with River’s Age. Or is it Amy’s Age?

 She spends a lot of her time protecting him…keeping him from seeing things that will hurt him…it must be kind of natural for her to try to keep the wrist from him. She knows that he needs hope. When he thinks that she found a way out, he has hope.

 It hurts? And the wrist does too?

 She knows she’s getting closer to the end with him. She knows it’s getting closer to the end for the Ponds with him. And she knows that there is likely nothing she can do to stop it. She knows he won’t see any of them age…

 Whats worse than a weeping angel? A SMILING ANGEL!

 Make that a smirking angel. My word that’s terrifying. I’m gonna have nightmares.

 Old Rory!

 Thats some really great makeup work!



 Husband. Shut up!


 It’s Inception, right? Everyone is going to wake up in their real lives. This world isn’t real…they are asleep. Please, Steven?


 When don’t you die Rory? … Seriously.

 Steven, Dave and I are going to get a cat and we are going to name him Rory. Because both seem to have 9 lives.

 And that makes #2 for Rory this episode… for those of you that are counting…

 Steven… Never do that again…



 Your doing it again…OH No.

 No….no….no….NO….NO….NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




 WHAT???? RORY DIED AGAIN!!!!! THAT’S NUMBER #3 in one episode!!!

 Doctor…don’t say it…I can’t handle it.

 DOCTOR NOT THE “I’m Sorry… I’m so Sorry…”


 Amy’s going to go. She’s going to. Nothing is going to stop her. Look at those eyes!

 River is encouraging her to go! I think River knows something… Ummmmm…

 What doesn’t River know?


 I’m in tears…

 Tears was Rory’s first death this episode. I’m in uncontrollable sobs now.

 Williams!!! She takes his name…

 I didn’t even catch that this first time…

 Don’t travel alone…

 I’m telling you… River knows stuff…

 THE LAST PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 An Afterword… This scene is beautiful.

 So serene…and…empty…after what just happened…denouement, I suppose.

 HE KEPT THE SPECS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 “Once we’re gone, you won’t be back here for while?” Does this mean the Doctor can go visit them????

 Or does she just mean Manhattan? I won’t be going to New York anytime soon, that’s for sure.


 STEVEN, WHAT ABOUT BRIAN??????????????????????????????????????

 This not how it ends!!! STEVENN!!!!!!!!

 Steven…Steven…STEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOU BREAK MY HEART STEVEN???????????????? This is seriously the most… emotional…overwhelming…terrifying….beautiful episode since the Doctor had to leave Rose. But you know what? Rose came back…and so we CAN see Amy and Rory again…we have to…

 CHRISTMAS???!!! JENNA!!!! But wait she’s not a Dalek? Or is this before the Dalek or is a Dalek and thinks she’s wearing a feathery hat? STEVEN!!!!

 SO MUCH MYSTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Steven you’ve done it again!

 Even though we’ve all known this day was coming…you’ve managed to catch us by surprise and tear our hearts out. This is why we are fans.


Dave & Bea

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