First Look: Bust-N-Rush Preview

I recently had to chance to check out Techtonic Games new 3D arcade runner called Bust-N-Rush. The name of the game is very apt, as you rush Kovo, a Juggernaut-like space miner through mine shafts, factories and even into space. While busting rocks, equipment, quests and special items and pretty much anything in your path to a high score. There are a number of interesting game scoring mechanics that multiply your score by picking up items or accepting certain quests. I did quickly find myself trying the figure out the best and fastest way to a new high score. The game has a quest mode, survival mode and even Bust-a-friend mode which unfortunately wasn’t ready in the alpha. The quest mode was interesting in that as you completed quests, the seemingly unending tunnel would change and expand.

Bust-N-Rush does give you a satisfying rush from bashing anything in your path. I think it will make a great causal game, that will keep you coming back for more things to smash. I checked out the alpha press build for mac and it ran like a champ. Even with missing graphics and unfinished mechanics, it was easy to get into the game and understand the point of the game. I look forward to seeing what Techtonic will do with Bust-N-Rush. The only things I can say against it were that I had a hard time understanding what the score multipliers did and how the little blue orbs effected my score. And also I never understood the health system. Plus I felt it was pretty difficult even on the easy setting. But, beyond that I had a great time and had fun smashing it up with ole’ Kovo. “DOUBLE SPEED!!!”

 I look forward to reviewing the retail release. Keep up the good work Techtonic!

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Dave Wright

Otherwise known as Magic Dave. Dave was a contributing editor for the original POCG (Playing Out of Control Gaming) back in that day. Dave's been a avid PC Gamer for about as long as PC's were around. Starting with playing frogger on a PCjr, to saving the world in XCOM on a PS/1 486 Consultant, to navigating a 56k modem to destroy n00bs in Quake. Dave is still an active member of clan POC, a Quake II lithium clan that still plays every Tuesday. Rumor has it, Dave filmed a short mockumentary about XCOM back in 2004, the internets still struggle for confirmation.

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