Indie Spotlight: King of Bees in Fantasy Land

Who says you need photorealistic graphics, fast action cutscenes, and the latest and greatest technology in order to have a great game? King of Bees in Fantasy Land, a newly published independent game by Brendan Patrick Hennessy, is sure to prove that thought wrong. With it’s straightforward gameplay, interesting story, and nostalgic sense of humor, King of Bees in Fantasy Land will be sure to leave you with a great adventure. Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 11.23.16 AMThe game has a simple premise. You are a character known as Space Knight, who has just arrived on the faraway planet Garaxas. The planet Earth has turned to a wasteland, and humans want to conquer another sphere to live on. Because of this, you have been given the mission to defeat the King of Bees up in his grand bee fort. Through your adventure, you’ll be able to make your own choices, interacting with other characters how you see best fit, travelling through dunes, swamps, and even a volcano on your way to complete your mission. The game is oddly comical, reminiscent of old NES games with horrible translations (though this game was written in English). Poor text mistakes are found all throughout the game, adding on to its running joke. There is also a depth to each character you encounter, something perhaps unexpected for a game that appears so simple. Whether interacting with different creatures or visiting unfamiliar locations, you will be sure to find a certain charm in the back story of the game. All of that being said, King of Bees in Fantasy Land is a text-based game that can be played easily in your browser. It requires no download. Despite being a rather short game, perhaps even being completed in a matter of minutes, depending on your reading speed, there are many things to explore. With different text options, you’ll be able to interact with other characters in different ways, whether you act as a friend or a foe. You’ll also be faced with a few moral dilemmas. Do you attack the enemy, or listen with a compassionate ear? Will you stick to the orders of the mission you have been given? The game has multiple endings, each differing based on the adventure you have chosen for yourself. You may even want to give it a few more plays to see if you will find anything new. King of Bees in Fantasy Land is a simple game that packs a good punch. It’s got a great story, something lacking in even some of the most technologically advanced games of today. All of the bells and whistles are cut out, leaving the game with nothing more than the bare bones necessities of a great title. It is also a nice way to spend a bit of time if you are waiting on something or have a few extra minutes to spare. It also fits the bill if you’re just looking for a blast of nostalgia. The game can be accessed through the author’s site at bphennessy.com, or through direct link at bphennessy.com/kingofbees.html.

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