Indie Spotlight: Safety: Life is a Maze

If you love all things cute but creepy, classic games, and a good challenge, then Safety: Life is a Maze could be a great title for you to check out. In this game, you will take control of main character Mina as she tries to escape a strange kidnapping. Though it may look simple, Safety definitely packs a punch!

Probably one of the most unique things about Safety: Life is a Maze is your character’s style of movement. Pressing the arrow keys will move Mina around, with each press moving her one square on the game’s grid. This adds an interesting element to gameplay as enemies come toward you as you move. More than that, though, are also obstacles that move even when you don’t, such as spikes that come up from the floor. You can fight away the enemies if you’d like to, though it’s probably safer to avoid them if you can! Trying to escape while making your way through obstacles could be tough, though!


Safety’s combat seems to be quite different than other games as well. Instead of rushing into a room and killing everything in sight, you’ll actually need to show a lot of caution. If you approach enemies, you will defeat them should you be stronger, but you’ll take damage if you are weaker. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a definite way of knowing whether or not your victory is certain, so looking for a battle can be a big risk. This is probably a more realistic way of looking at fights, though, since we can’t ever be sure of an opponent’s strength until we see it.

A lot of the beauty of the game comes with its color palette and continuous sense of unease. The game is displayed in deep and darker shades of blue, giving it a cool tone that’s kind of spooky. From the very start of the game, you really have no idea what is going on, either, adding more to the discomfort. With corpses, monsters, and creepy cassette tape recordings along the path, it’s hard to relax even just a little! There were points in the game where things felt “too quiet,” and other times when there seemed to be an overload of enemies. Having baddies around was stressful, but their absence was also something to get a bit edgy about.


The game was made with RPG Maker 2003, so it’s a bit more on the old-school side, though this should add to the charm of the game. Though Safety was recently published, developer Moga seems to be extremely responsive to people’s comments and suggestions about the game. As of right now, playing through the whole title won’t take too long, so Safety: Life is a Maze is a neat game to check out if you have the time!

You can download Safety: Life is a Maze here at RPGMaker


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