Dear Steven Moffat: Asylum of the Daleks

Geeks love Doctor Who which means the lvl30.com staff loves Doctor Who. As part of a new feature of lvl30.com some of the staff we will be writing an open letter to Steven Moffat reflecting their thoughts, reactions, and ideas for each episode of Doctor Who this season.

Dear Steven Moffat,

Concerning Asylum of the Daleks…

(DAVE) Yay for Daleks! And yay to MORE DALEKS!!! Its like the most Daleks ever seen before mine eyes! It was glorious. How long did it take to CG all that? Cause that had to take a while. And when the Daleks all asked the Doctor to “Save Us!” It was perfect. I loved watching their lights flash like Christmas.

(BEA) It was all right.



(DAVE) So many Daleks! EVEN Uncle Special Weapon Dalek!



(BEA) What? Uncle Special Weapon Dalek? Apparently Dave is on crack. Also, he really likes Daleks.


(DAVE) Okay… People are Daleks now. OKAY. Really? REALLLY? STEVEN? Are we going all Battlestar now and anyone could be a Cylon? Has the Doctor been a Cylon all along? Is Rory the Master Cylon??? Okay… well I guess that isn’t fair. Cause you’ve already established that the Dalek were working on the human Daleks back in the Episode “The Daleks take Manhattan” But… Im worried Steven… Im worried what you’ll do to my SOUL!!!!!!

(BEA) Wait a minute… that’s what I said…



(DAVE) And thats what she said…



(BEA) …



(BEA) Ooooh, more model Amy. So…pouty…so much…hair…OH! So that’s where River gets it!!




(DAVE) But… But… Amy and Rory… I mean I saw the Pond Life mini series and that was great and all… Except for the last one, What happened? You ripped my heart out Steven. And trampled it, on the floor… On the cold hard floor.


(BEA) Okay…so we knew that something is wrong with Amy and Rory…but divorce papers? Already? Really Steven? You give us one day to adjust to this and they are already signing divorce papers? But he waited! He waited 2,000 years for her! No way he’s giving up this soon. Fix it, Steven. We’re not gonna take this!

 (DAVE) And Amy’s a London Model now and even more sassy than before? And Rorys’ even more hipster… I mean come on he’s already the Last Centurion how much more hipster can you be than that?


(BEA) He could be more hipster if he was the Original Centurion. (*chuckles to self*)



(DAVE) …



(BEA) So apparently the Daleks have been really busy as of late. SO MUCH DALEK!!!!!!!!!! Mer. MER!!! DEAD DALEKS!!!!!!!!!! So creepy!! Dead Daleks AND crazy Daleks! AND human Daleks! SO MUCH DALEK!!!!


(DAVE) EGGS…. EGGS!!!! I love that Eggs are the new trigger word for the Daleks, I hope that continues to play out.


(BEA) I especially like that Rory thinks that eggs are the bumps on the Daleks. 😀



(DAVE) Soufflés! YES! and I even spelled that correctly the first time! SEE Steven! You’re making me smarter now! Soufflé Girl! Brilliant! I love it also I want that chair… its like the ultimate Doctor Who meets Original Star Trek Captains Chair EVER. WANTS. Did you do that on purpose??? Cause it looks a lot like the chair that the Doctors’ cloned daughter sat in as she blasted away in her spaceship… err.. TARDIS thing.

(BEA) And I want her dress. But really Steven, while we’re on the subject of Souffle Girl, what the heck kind of name is Oswin Oswald? I thought I was hearing things at first, but no, that’s just her name. Are you Stan Lee now? Is Oswin some kind of nickname? It’s just a little ridiculous. I’d call her Souffle Girl too.

(DAVE) So, Okay… STEVEN. BABIES??? BABIES??? REALLY? That’s the splitting issue that breaks up Amy and Rory? Thats a little hard to swallow… Cause Rory waited 2000 years for Amy, and Amy should know by now that Rory REALLY loves her no matter what… Even if she couldn’t have babies? Cause you think they would have talked about this at some point. Right? I know they have communication issues. But I would thought that they would have had bigger issues with Amy having withdraws from all the adventures the Doctor took them on. And how Rory could never compete with the Doctor and that lifestyle. Anyways… STEVEN YOU’RE MAKE ME NERVOUS.

(BEA) Seriously Steven. If you were gonna go that route…I mean unless the next couple of episodes reveal some more about this issue…that’s just…after everything they’ve been through. I just find it really hard to believe that’s what it came down to. You can see on Rory’s face that he had no idea whatsoever that that was why Amy wanted to split. After 2,000 years, he just gave up on the marriage without trying to find out what was really going on? How long has he known Amy? If she was giving him bull about other reasons, can he not tell when she is lying? I mean, I guess he is a guy so maybe he just didn’t notice…but it’s just so fishy to me. I understand the child issue tearing apart marriages, I really do, but if they never talked about it…I really hope that you go somewhere with this, Steven. I need more explanation.







(DAVE) Also… It’s really amazing how its revealed with the shaky handheld pan around from the Doctor to Oswin. And how instantly you think the Dalek is innocent and really… cute? The Dalek looks smaller? Is that true Steven? But its really amazing how you made the viewer actually care about this Dalek. I mean its the same prop, but with the angle and the emotion that’s communicated even in its lights. The viewer can actually connect with it. I applaud you Steven! its really amazing if I do say my self! and I do.

(BEA) I am SO looking forward to seeing what happens with Jenna. She is clearly fantastic and it’s not like we don’t know that she is in future episodes. Can’t wait for the surprise, Steven!


(BEA) It’s the question that must never be asked? But everyone is asking it? Does “Silence will fall” mean that the Silence wins? Or does fall mean that they lose? Or is it someone’s silence? Or does that mean someone needs to answer? Does this have to do with the fact that River knows his name at some point? BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(DAVE) DOCTOR WHO? I love it. Fantastic ending… I love it. I can’t wait to see how you play with our hearts next!


(BEA) I’m pretty sure this was the best premier I’ve ever seen. Good work, sir.



Yours Truly
-Dave and Bea

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